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Bat Signal Bats Rides

Bats members regularly host rides in the Bay Area featuring twisty locations and beautiful scenery. This post is to help you decode the secret meanings behind the obscure nomenclature and icons of the Bats rides.

On most rides it is important to show up prepared. This means a safe and tuned up bike, a full gas and oil tank, proper riding gear, adjusted and lubed chain, properly inflated tires, and an empty bladder. Money and ID tend to be important tools on a ride. During rides there will be stops for gas, food, tolls, etc. and all of these incur payment.

Even with the best prepared rides unforeseen events occur and for this reason it is a good idea to pack a small tool kit including some basic wrenches, allen wrenches, screw drivers, oil rag, etc.

Every ride will have a riders meeting just before the ride leaves. Pay close attention to the ride leader at this point for vital information regarding the ride.

If you are new to riding with the Bats and are unsure about how to act within the group watch the others and model your behavior after the ride leaders. In this way you can develop your role as a Bats Rider.

Hand and Foot Signals
• Hand tapping top of helmet: Police Officer in the area.
• Pointing to the ground with hand or foot: Something in the road on that side.
• Left arm extended and bent 90 degrees up: Right turn.
• Left arm straight out: Left turn.
• Left arm extended out and slightly waving up and down with open hand: Slow down/ possible stop.
• Someone flashing all five fingers of one hand at you: your blinker is still on.
• One leg extended to side of bike: Changing lanes to that side. Use of blinkers ENCOURAGED.
• Pointing to the gas tank: Need gas.
• Pointing to your stomach: Need food.

Beginner (also known as noob)--A rider that is still new to riding.
CC rating--Suggested minimum sized Bats Bike.
Experienced--A rider level indicating significant riding ability.
Hoolie--A scofflaw inspired ride, not recommended for pussies.
Intermediate--A rider level indicating competence as a rider.
KSU--Kick Stands Up. This is the official take off time of the ride.
Meet Up--Official time that riders assemble.

Ride Ratings
Training ride

Beginner 50cc or Moped Ride

Intermediate 50cc

Experienced 50cc

Big Bats Experienced 125cc

Hoolie Ride

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