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Unread 11-30-2012, 08:01 PM
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Bat Hat Dank's new favorite band: Malossi

Found this on one of the Swedish sites:

Malossi (www.malossi.cc) is a norwegian stoner rock band which has recently released their debut CD Hold Your Horses.

The name Malossi may sound notorious for people that have been dealing with top-tuned mopeds, and this is where the band gains a lot of their inspiration. You may smell the 2% mix of two-stroke oil from far distance, and the risk of cracking the cylinder is imminent. According to the band, nothing can beat the joy of watching the speedometer when you pass 110 Kmh (70 Mph) crouching down behind the handlebars

The music may be characterized as tuningkit-rock; rock with groovy riffs and a melodious vocal line. A happy blend of rock'n roll, stoner and hard-rock.


"...The big difference between them and a lot of other bands is that they actually write good songs and play them well. They aren't tuning down and trying to bludgeon anyone to death, they are just riding a fatgroove with rich vocals and crafting songs that will make you bounce your leg and bang your head..."
(Hellridemusic, US)

"...Malossi from Norway are what I call a good Stoner Outfit. I like the music of Malossi, cause they don?t do that regular kind of Stoner...the music has a lot of elements out of the Rock┬┤n┬┤Roll and Hard-Rock genre..."
(Daredevil, D)

"...Malossi's sound is high-octane stoner-edged punk, low end groove doom... Loads of cool, fast, fat riffs and a sleazier feel which rules..."
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