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Default AM6 BB top end recommendations

Trying to set up a new AM6 50cc engine and Im going to want a +65cc top end on it ASAP for mini enduro off roading. Im not interested in the highest HP/top speed, just looking for a boost across the board and still with some durability on the stock crank. It will get a set of HD clutch springs and nice low gearing but Im not planning on beating it to death.

My current street use Derbi EBE075 engine is stock with a 21mm carb, jetting and an open MX silencer. That's honestly all Id need from the new engine. It will prob get a pipe and intake/carb too but use a near stock air box.

So what brand/size big cylinder kit is safe and effective? Ive no experience with these brands and so many to choose from. Thanks!
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